Revival Props

We’re not a traditional prop house. Think of us as props sourcing and delivery service! Through our national network of property and facilities partners, we are able to access items contained within hundreds of properties, predominantly commercial buildings, offices and telephone exchanges. Typically we primarily specialise in retro office furniture and IT, communication and testing equipment. Our focus is on items dating from 1950s-1990s (although we can also access modern furniture). Our portfolio of buildings frequently contain old first aid rooms, canteens and games rooms too. The scale of our partner’s portfolios, means we can often source items in bulk so if you need multiples of lockers, filing cabinets, seating and IT equipment etc from the second half of the 20th century, we’re the people to come to.


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Taylor & Foley Prop Makers

Carl Taylor & Sharon Foley set up business as Prop Makers and Prop Supervisors in May 2014.

Before that we worked for The Royal Shakespeare Company and between us we have over 40 years of experience working in Props.

We have recently worked on shows for the BBC, The Old Vic Theatre, Chichester Festival Theatre and The Rose Kingston as well as musicals such as Grease.

We have a fully equipped workshop facility centrally situated in Warwickshire.